Why Shop at a farmer's market?

There’s nothing quite like waking up on Saturday morning, making a fresh cup of coffee and heading over to the farmers market. And while everyone can agree that strolling through, seeing produce and unique finds for sale is good for the soul, there’s some other major benefits to supporting our local farmers markets.

For one, shopping at farmers markets support our local economy. By putting money into our neighbors’ hands, we are ensuring a higher quality of life for them, their families and their employees. Additionally, by keeping money local, we are reinvesting in our community and allowing for growth in the immediate area.

Additionally, shopping at a farmers market strengthens community ties. Not only are you able to meet the farmers and artisans responsible for your next purchase, but you are also able to put a face and relationship to the tomatoes in your kitchen and flowers on your table. You are also able to interact with community members that are also in attendance, so then when you run into them at the high school football game, you can make plans to meet up at the farmers market the next morning.

Consider what you buy at a farmers market. When I go, I always end up leaving with fresh, in season produce that I look forward to using in dishes throughout the week. By buying this fresh produce, I am making meals for myself and others that is fresh and healthy rather than quick and greasy. The items for sale at your local farmers market naturally encourage better eating and healthier living.

While eating fresh, local produce is good for our health, it is also good for our heritage. Agriculture and farming plays a large role into our identity not only for our town but also for our state. There are 125 farmers markets across the state of Tennessee and 95 percent of farms in Tennessee are considered small family farms.

If you’re in need of some quality time at a local farmers market, be sure to stop by the Dixie Lee Farmers Market. The market typically runs every Saturday from the beginning of May until the end of October. This year’s season will come to an end on October 27, so be sure to stop by before then!

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