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Have you ever had a meal so good you go back to the town just to eat at that restaurant again? I know I have. The pancakes in Gatlinburg, the hot chicken in Nashville; they all go hand in hand when I think of one or the other. However, something strange happens when I think of Farragut. I can’t pinpoint a particular meal. Why? Because there are so many options in town that are too good to pass up, I just can’t limit it to one!

One of my favorite types of food is bar food; here in Farragut we have just the place to find “elevated pub grub” and that’s Mind Yer P’s and Q’s. Here you’ll find a menu full of sliders, pizzas and a rotating beer selection of almost 20 brews. Wanting a more formal dining experience? Stop by Seasons Innovative Bar & Grill! They have great Happy Hour specials and a menu that rotates seasonally to ensure the highest quality menu. Did “Happy Hour” happen to catch your eye? While many of our town restaurants have great deals, you may want to check out Water into Wine. With over 100 wines available (I’ll say it again for the people in the back, 100 WINES AVAILABLE) there’s something for every taste and the perfect bites to compliment whatever you’re sipping on. These restaurants capture the essence of Farragut and demonstrate our quintessential Town identity simply through a shared meal.

While discovering a taste of the town is always fun, sometimes you want something familiar. For moments like those, we have something for any time of the day. Ready for brunch? Lucky for you, we have two First Watch locations here in Farragut to grab a glass of iced coffee and a meal that will satisfy (try the breakfast tacos if you haven’t already). Quick bite for lunch? Stop by or drive thru Zaxby’s in Turkey Creek. For dinner, you’ll have to stop by Mellow Mushroom. Needing an after-dinner treat? We’re home to Dairy Queen and Casual Pint, whichever suits your taste.

Whatever your taste buds are looking for, Farragut has something to satisfy and keep you wanting more. These restaurants are a great way to explore our town and find the signature meal that keeps you coming back for more.

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