No day like a snow day

You’ve turned on the news and gotten the phone call: school has been canceled due to inclement weather. “Can I take the day off? Are the roads clear enough for the babysitter to get here? How are my kids going to be entertained all day?”, you find yourself running these questions through your head. Have no fear, we’ve made the perfect snow day schedule to fit every want and need.

The beauty of a snow day is that kids get to sleep in. Let them enjoy the morning (and give you extra time with your cup of coffee) by catching an extra hour or two of Zzz’s. When they do wake up, you want to make sure their bellies are full for the day ahead. Stop by one of Farragut’s First Watch locations and get some chocolate chip pancakes or their famous avocado toast.

After breakfast, there’s plenty of adventures your family can take next. Wanting to get outside and play in the snow? Stop by Founders Park at Campbell Station for a snowball fight that will rival Will Farrell’s in Elf. All about the cold but wanting to be inside? Take your kiddos to Cool Sports and teach them how to ice skate! You never know, they just might be the next hockey or figure skating champ. If you’re looking for a more chill activity (see what I did there?), see the latest release at Regal Pinnacle 18 in Turkey Creek. After a day full of fun, those tummies are going to need refueling. Stop by Jet’s Pizza for what was voted “Farragut’s Best Pizza”!

The sun is starting to set and it’s time to get back home. Your family is still enjoying all the fun that a snow day brings and you want to keep the energy up. Here are some fun at home ideas to end the day with:

· Build Your Own Hot Cocoa: get your crockpot going and line up the mugs. Let your family choose their favorite toppings like marshmallows, peppermint sticks or mini chocolate chips. Everyone will love having their own personal mix!

· Movie Night: Find a favorite film on Netflix and get cozy with extra pillows and blankets. Get the fireplace going if you have one!

· Game Night: If you’re trying to cut down on screen time, a great alternative is a family game night. Let everyone pick a game to play and go through all of them until you start to get tired.

Snow days are a great opportunity to make memories as a family. The fun in Farragut only gets started when the flurries float around! Even if the snow doesn’t make it to the ground, winter is only here for so long. Make the most of this season and find fun new ways to spend time as a family! What's your favorite snow day activity? Log in and comment below!

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