Lucky to be in Farragut

I'm sure you've all heard the saying "the grass is greener on the other side," right? Well, when St. Patrick's Day comes around, the grass is greener where you make it green and Farragut has the luck of the Irish on their side for this holiday.

Looking for an early event to get you in the spirit? On March 2, Kiwanis and the Town of Farragut are hosting the Shamrock Ball. For the past 14 years, the Shamrock Ball, a father-daughter dance, has been a Farragut favorite and gives families the chance to enjoy music and dancing, craft making, and light refreshments. If that doesn't get you excited enough, the proceeds go to the Wesley House and Kiwanis Fresh Air Camp. I don't know about you, but I'm green with excitement over this event.

Shamrock Ball got you excited for the holiday and now you're making plans for St. Patrick's Day. First, you've got to have the right outfit. We all know what happens when you're not wearing green and no one wants that. To find the perfect outfit for March 17, stop by K Town Specialty Shop! Maybe green just isn’t your color, but you want to look like a pot of gold. Check out International Flair Jewelers for a one-of-a-kind coin necklace or bracelet.

You’ve gotten in the holiday spirit, found the perfect outfit, now it’s time to celebrate! Lucky for you, we have the perfect places in mind. On Saturday, March 16, Mind Yer P’s and Q’s is hosting a Paddy’s Weekend Celebration. This full day of entertainment includes Irish music, dancing and beer, of course! To keep the celebration going, check out the Casual Pint on Sunday, March 17; Casual Pint is having the John Lathim Trio from 6-9 p.m. playing traditional Irish tunes. Maybe going to a bar isn’t exactly what you had in mind. Here are some ideas to celebrate at home!

  • Green Breakfast: Whip up Green Eggs and Ham for a festive twist on a Dr. Seuss classic; add green dye to your scrambled eggs Sunday morning to kick off the day the right way! If that isn’t something your kids would like, have a box of Lucky Charms ready to go.

  • ·Get Crafty: use handprints to make a memory! Handprints covered in paint make great shamrocks or rainbows.

Being festive in Farragut is easy when there’s so much to do in town! St. Patrick’s Day is a great way to celebrate how lucky we are to live here! How are you celebrating in Farragut this year?

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