Getting Fit After Being Festive

I can freely admit that I have genuinely enjoyed the last two holidays. I have had more than my fair share of Halloween candy and I absolutely went back for seconds (or maybe it was thirds) at the family Thanksgiving. And the best part? The holiday season isn’t over yet! While I will enjoy my fair share of Crockpot hot chocolate and holiday party treats, my waistline can’t seem to say the same.

Thankfully, the Town of Farragut is somewhat of a fitness hub and has options to meet all of my fitness goals. Some days, I want to walk into a gym and do my own workout, on my own time. If that’s your style, check out Planet Fitness. For just $10 a month, you get around the clock gym availability with unlimited access to a nationally certified trainer.

If you’ve noticed that your yoga pants have never actually made it to a yoga class, now is the time to change that. Blue Ridge Yoga, located on Campbell Station Road, welcomes people of all sizes, ages and fitness levels to help reach their healthy living goals. Classes include beginner level, traditional flow, pilates and guided meditations.

While some days require some well-needed zen, others you just need to hit something. On days like that, get your pent-up frustrations out at 9Round. 9Round offers 30-minute full body kickboxing workouts, with workouts changing daily, trainers included and no set class times. Usually a calm, cool and collected person, looking for a one-time class? Lucky for you, your first workout is always free.

Speaking of free, don’t forget about the Town’s greenways! Go for a run or walk on your way to Turkey Creek, from neighborhood to neighborhood or around our parks. These greenways are a great way to get out in the fresh air and commit to your fitness goals without committing to a membership.

Regardless of your fitness goal, workout style or price range, there is always an option available for you in Farragut to help you shed those holiday pounds and start 2019 in stride.

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