For the Love of Roger Alan Wade

For many reasons, the weekend of February 23, 2019 was a memorable one. For some, they will remember the rainstorm that came through the area. For others, they’ll remember songwriters from their community singing at the local Casual Pint. For David and Melissa Master, however, they’ll remember this weekend for all these reasons – plus their eight-hour drive to hear Roger Alan Wade.

The power of social media is strong and creates opportunities to educate and inform others about unique opportunities like Farragut’s Songwriters Showcase. The Masters have traveled across the country to watch Roger Alan Wade perform and this event was no exception. Through Roger Alan Wade’s use of social media to promote the event, they checked out Songwriter Showcase and decided that it was a trip worth making. They made a hotel reservation at one of Farragut’s hotels and loaded up the car.

The Masters braved the weather to see their favorite singer-songwriter along with several other artists. The stage was taken by Kevin Mahoney, Chris Long and Shea Redhorse, all performing some of their favorite songs and jamming with one another. As the night was winding down, something was missing for the Masters: their favorite song. With such an intimate setting for the show, the couple was able to make a personal request for Wade’s song, “The First Time I Saw Waylon.”

While this show was a first for Farragut, Farragut wasn’t a first for the Masters; they’ve actually visited once before because of Roger Alan Wade. Wade is a favorite with the Lawn Chair Concert Series and has performed before and is also on the lineup for this year. The Masters have every intention of making the trip to Farragut yet again to hear their favorite singer (and hopefully their favorite song) again.

The Masters weren’t the only couple that made the journey to watch Roger Alan Wade plan. When they learned about this performance, they called their friends that are currently located in Chattanooga and asked them to meet in Farragut. They gladly accepted the invitation and made the drive, as well.

The fun is only beginning in Farragut. After a successful Songwriters Showcase, we are excited about the musical events and performances coming up. Is there a music artist that you’d travel anywhere to see? What about your favorite performance in Farragut? Let us know!

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