Farragut Bucket list

There’s endless fun to be had in Farragut, but sometimes it can be difficult figuring out where to start. Here you can find different activities to partake in and sights to see during your special time in our Town.

1. Visit the Farragut Museum

Located at Farragut Town Hall, the Farragut Museum is constantly filled with artifacts from the Town’s history and displays that honor and celebrate all that our community embodies. Currently the Museum is celebrating our military heroes with paintings done by local veteran Alexander Dumas.

2. See the parks

Here in Farragut, we have four fabulous parks where you can pack a picnic, bring the family and have a great day outside. There is Anchor Park, Founders Park at Campbell Station, McFee Park and Mayor Bob Leonard Park. Events are held year-round at the parks and they all have something unique to offer. Plan on stopping by McFee Park when the weather turns warm, so you can bring your kiddos to our state-of-the-art splash pad! It’s like none other in the country

3. Participate in the Farragut Treasure Hunt

Now a summertime staple for our community, you can’t miss Farragut Treasure Hunt. Hosted by Farragut Business Alliance, this competition allows our local businesses to show you their stores and win fun prizes! This past year, our grand winner received a Yeti Cooler, a complimentary wine dinner and a month’s worth of music lessons, just to name a few pieces of the prize. Next year is sure to be filled with fun for the family and prizes as amazing as this year!

4. Attend a Farragut H.S. football game

Whether it’s to see the Admirals come out victorious after a hard-fought game, a beautiful halftime performance from the award-winning marching band, or just to spend time with members from the community, attending a Farragut football game is a must while you’re in town. There’s something about sitting under those Friday night lights that not only encompass the feeling of fall but also create a unique opportunity to support our Town.

These are just a few things that should be on everyone’s Farragut bucket list, what are some of your favorite things to do in Farragut?

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